How to Have Your Device Protected if Stolen


Having a phone, laptop, or any other device stolen is something we all dread. We have so much information stored on them these days it can be quite dangerous. If your computer is taken, there may be a lot of things on there that could cause a security breach.

If your phone gets stolen, someone can get into all your accounts and steal your identity. You could face financial losses as well as photos and other memories. But, did you know there are ways to protect this from happening? We’re going to give you the lowdown on how to make sure things stay private, even if your device gets taken.

Password Protected

Ok, this may sound simple, and it is. But, having a difficult password to get into your device in the first place is going to make things very hard for the thief trying to get in. Whether it’s a mix of letters and numbers or a pattern on your phone screen, think outside the box.

We’ve all seen on films when someone’s password is ‘password’. How easy is that for someone to guess? Too easy. So a detailed chain of letters and numbers, however frustrating to type each time, can be a saver if someone is trying to get your information.

Data Wiping

There are now services available that offer very convenient products. One is a remote wipe of everything on your device. That’s right. If your device goes missing and you’re convinced it’s been stolen, you can now use apps to wipe all data from them remotely.

You’ll need to make sure you always have a backup, however, as these will literally erase everything from the device and any connected USBs and drivers. They are very handy for protecting data, though!

A lot of phones also come with the option to be able to track your device and wipe data if necessary. Be sure to check out their manual or online info regarding this so you can have it set up in case of emergency.

Change Information

As soon as you’re aware that something is missing, it’s a good idea to change all online passwords right away. Your phone may be set up to access your accounts automatically. Don’t let them get in and quickly change all your info. This is essential as a data wipe will clean the device but not your online activity.

Stay Smart

So, as you can see, it’s not that tough to be prepared for the worst. The fact that we share so much of ourselves online now is enough to make you want to protect your information and take security measures. And imagine what could happen if your company’s computer system was stolen? Stay smart and protect yourselves.


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