How to Boost Your Online Presence


Whether you have a new business or a well-established one. You need to boost your online presence. That way, you’ll generate new customers and new referrals. Before we show you how to increase your online presence, let’s look at what an online presence means.

An online presence is the total sum of all activities you do online to create customer interactions and engagement. They include a website, social media accounts, blogs, videos, and pages that come up when someone searches your business on Google.

In other words, a robust online presence will act as your digital sales force. Here’s how you can improve your online presence.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

A lot of searches are now done on mobile devices and tablets rather than desktop. In October 2016, they were more mobile searches than desktop, and the number is growing every day. 

What that means is you need to have a  visually appealing website that is mobile friendly to both humans and search engines. You can use tools like Mobile-friendly test tool to check whether your pages are mobile-friendly.

Creating a Blog

Content is king. The idea of blogging intimidates many businesses, but this is the best way of communicating with your prospects and customers. Companies used to use sales activity to educate the customers and inform them of their products and services.

With a blog, you will have that chance to reach a lot of people who may not have heard about you. Best of all, the blog will allow you to convey brand personality and humanize your business. A blog will also improve your search engine ranking.

Improve your SEO

SEO is an essential component of boosting your online presence. The biggest part about SEO is making the website to be found by people and search engines. SEO Christchurch experts have what it takes to increase your traffic and make your website found by search engines. With SEO, you’ll drive quality leads to your website and increase your brand recognition.

Video Marketing

Video content is gaining popularity. Cisco reports that 80% of all internet traffic will come from video. Those statistics mean, video marketing is a beautiful way of promoting any business online.

Video content has shown to attract consumer attention than any other form of content. Video production Christchurch experts will help you create engaging videos that will attract customers to your brand.

Boosting your online presence should not be a big deal when you are using these four channels. If you are a business trying to get traction, you will have two options. Either you can do it yourself, or you can hire someone good at it to do it for you.

One thing you need to keep in mind with creating a robust online presence is it takes time. Your presence online will grow slowly by slowly. And before you know it, your business will gain the traction you need. It may take that long, but every effort you put forward is worth it.


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