Allbebet to Hold First IEO Round on Coineal on August 26 and 27


New York, NY August 21, 2019 – Allbebet’s artificial blockchain platform has announced their first initial exchange offering (IEO) on the Coineal exchange. The IEO will take place on August 26 and 27 at a price of ETH 0.00015 each. The company is offering 1% of their tokens at this price during the first IEO round.

Allbebet’s tokens, called ALB, will utilize the Etherium token issuance platform. Token functionality will allow token holders to place bets on the platform. ALB tokens can also be utilized for the Allbebet.Analytics and services.

The company plans for ALB tokens to be able to be integrated into other online betting sites, with partial or complete integration opportunities.

ALB tokens can be utilized on the Allbebet AI-enhanced platform for team and social betting. The platform will allow for casual and team betting options. Casual, or social betting, with the use of ALB offers an automated P2P betting ecosystem that utilizes smart contracts and blockchain technology to initiate bets.

The AI-enhanced platform allows betting against other players, with users able to create their own events or choose from hundreds of prelisted events. Users can form teams and compete against one another on a ranking-based system. The platform differs from a traditional betting system where players bet against the house, and coefficients and odds are in place.

Allbebet’s AI-platform has a 70% prediction accuracy for events utilizing a neural network that is able to process big data based on game schedules, past games, player transfers and a variety of other data points. The algorithm is designed to learn from past and current data points to provide machine learning for all bets. The AI’s accuracy is expected to improve as the platform continues to digest data.

“Allbebet created a platform where millions of people can play with each other, place bets, obtain predictions and analytics, freely withdraw the winning, and communicating within the platform create teams for joint bets. Allbebet is a platform based on Blockchain technologies and smart contracts using AI,” explains the company.

The second round of public sales is scheduled to occur in the fourth-quarter of the year, with 3% of ALB being sold. The second round’s ALB pricing will be higher with prices of ETH 0.0002 each.


Allbebet started in 2017 with research and market analytics. The company first started their recruitment process in Q1 2018 and started developing their core platform in Q3 2018. The company has developed a sports and e-sports betting app that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts.


Name: Guy Yanpolskiy




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