Major Features of Advanced Segmentation and How to Employ Them with the eSputnik System


Segmenting customer data is key for any marketer who wants to get the most out of their email campaigns. Major brands have long realized that taking advantage of advanced segments, personalized filters, and complex profiles is as beneficial for the overall marketing strategy as running a well-designed website.

With more channels available for info collection, volumes of customer data will only get bigger, meaning you’ll need to organize them in the most useful ways. Advanced Segmentation by eSputnik allows you to consider similarities or differences between customers, build unlimited segments with multiple conditions, and take account of all the factors that contribute to the creation of more targeted campaigns.


Geotargeting is one of the recent features of Advanced Segmentation that allows email marketers to determine the geolocation of a website visitor based on online customers’ behavior. After the visitor registered on the website or subscribed for any campaign, the system registers every action taken from the particular IP: it can be used to complement other customer data and deliver more targeted and relevant offers. This feature is essential for big chains and multinational companies: the bigger your global market presence is, the more targeted your campaigns should be.

Not only does location-based email marketing helps you communicate differently with different audience groups, but it also helps save costs on sending potentially irrelevant offers. As a result, you get higher revenues and more satisfying user experience.

Product Recommendations

Apart from actually product recommendation emails, personalized product recommendations can be useful to include in post-purchase campaigns or cart abandonment emails. They enable to complement the order the customer has already made as well provide one more chance to complete the abandoned order.

Let’s take for example an imaginary customer David. Two days ago, he has added a pullover to his cart, but did not complete the order and left our website. We add his address to our automated abandoned cart series but go beyond simply including his abandoned item. We also offer some product recommendations that David might find interesting and that will complement his selected product.

Next, let’s look at how Amaroso came up with a great recommendation email that may aim to reactivate some users or introduce new products. Having studied the customer’s browsing behavior (most viewed products, checked discounted items or sales, etc.), they’ve picked up the most relevant offers, predicting what can encourage the customer to start a new shopping session.

By offering appealing and relevant options, it’s possible to make the customer reconsider their potential purchases, win back inactive users, and even anticipate what your customers may be looking for. Include product recommendations into your automated email campaigns and guide your clients towards the products they want.


In today’s globalized world, more and more major brands gravitate towards sending content in various languages. The strategy is rather reasonable as email marketing is making its way to new regions and communities, where English might be no the main language of communication.

Despite its obvious benefits, building multiple workflows for multilingual emails takes a lot of time and effort. No wonder, most forward-thinking email editor platforms have been working on the multilanguage features to support simultaneous sending of unlimited number of multilingual emails.

Being one of such forward-thinking companies, eSputnik now allows to send different emails at the same time: all you have to do is to select a template and fill it with the content in as many languages as you need for your campaign.

Apart from the above features, Advanced Segmentation by eSputnik allows to use a wide range of different conditions to build more personalized segments: Promo Code Personalization, Content Ranking, Cross-Channel Segmentation, etc.

This is a perfect example of Advanced Segmentation in action by Airbnb. This discount offer can serve as an abandoned cart campaign, a reactivation email or simply a quick reminder to reconsider booking.

You can easily build a dynamic segment for a similar campaign in the marketing automation software eSputnik.

When creating dynamic segments, you can include all the customer information you’ve managed to collect across all communication channels. Your client database consists of different people with different interests, hobbies, preferences, and behavior, meaning you shouldn’t treat them the same way. The solution is to split your list into segments and approach each segment in a different way. This is where Advanced Segmentation steps in, offering unlimited possibilities for your email strategy. Go to eSputnik to learn more and find out how to employ this tool for your business needs.


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