EagleFX : The Pros And Cons Of Various Trading Methods


Every trading method has its benefits and its drawbacks. Knowing these pros and cons are key to choosing the right method for you. There are too many kinds of trading methods for you not to know if the good outweighs the bad.

Automated Trading Methods

Automated trading allows you to set rules for exits and entries that can be followed by a computer.


Due to rules automatically being followed, you can preserve any mode of discipline. The speed for entry orders is a lot faster due to the automatic system update.

You can have a diverse amount of accounts with automated trading. There will be less chance for emotions to hinder trading. Automated trading allows you to backtest.


Unfortunately, this method may need constant supervision to ensure it functions properly. Along with any other automated product, this method could experience mechanical failures.

Overusing anything could damage or lower the productivity of the product or service. The same can be said for automated trading. The performance can become poor with overuse.

Online Trading Methods

With the expansion of technology, most methods have become online. Online trading methods are simply selling or buying assets online.


Now that trading can be done online access to trading is easier. You can trade with leverage using online trading. Fees and costs are limited and sometimes even low.


As with any online deals, you can be misinformed or conned out of your money. You may experience latency in your trade. High price swings can occur.

CFD Trading Methods

A CFD or a contract for difference is a deal between your broker and you. This deal allows your broker to pay the difference whenever the difference rises. A CFD company allows you to buy and sell CFD contracts. But as EagleFX points out big payouts come with some risks.


When the difference percentage rises, that difference is paid by your broker. CFD allows you to open and close positions instantly. You can trade both short and long positions with this method.

You can use leverage when conducting business, allowing you more control over the trade. CFD has very low commission fees and other fees.


Unfortunately, when the difference percentage decreases, you have to pay the broker. As with every investment ever made, you may lose everything that you invested.

Even though leverage may be a pro in most cases, it can also be a con as it adds to both profit and loss. Overtrading is easy with CFD.

To Sum It All Up

There are many different types of trading methods that you can choose from. When choosing these methods always make a pros and cons list. This list will help you exponentially in your decision.


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