Dreamr Awarded €50,000 by Dr. Evan Luthra at Blockchance Conference, Germany


Hamburg, Germany – August 18th, 2019

The Blockchance Conference 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce brought the international blockchain industry to Hamburg, Germany where Doctor Evan Luthra awarded Dreamr €50,000 for its fantastic pitch in the Startup Pitch Competition. Dreamr is a consumer-facing platform which essentially combines social networking and financial tools in order to empower people to chase their dreams.

Using this platform, users easily declare their dreams in a purpose-driven social network where they can monetize their dreams with crowdfunding capabilities and integrated service marketplace. The Dreamr platform’s financial products function on the Ethereum blockchain. With the Dreamr mobile application for IOS and Android, the platform will allow the users to proclaim their dreams along with making connections in the online space. Further, the platform will also enable its users to communicate and connect with other users to form communities around goals they are passionate about.

Dreamr lets you launch crowdfunding campaigns around users individual as well as shared dreams. Dreamr’s peer-to-peer service marketplace allows users to list their skills as a service for hire or trade, and search out reputable talent when they need help. The platform allows you to earn reputation points, which eventually translate into equity ownership by chasing their dreams and by adding value to dreams of others.

At the blockchain conference held on August 16 -17′ 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Evan Luthra awarded €50,000 to Dreamr for the innovative platform that they are building. According to leading publications and organizations across the world, Evan Luthra is one of the top blockchain experts. He has been a part of numerous conferences where he guides and talks about blockchain and various new and emerging technologies. Dr. Luthra is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor making a difference. His extensive work in the blockchain space and his work ethic has earned him an honorary Ph.D. in blockchain technology.

Evan Luthra has been a techie ever since he was a kid. By age 15, Evan had already built multiple mobile applications used by millions across the globe. Evan’s knowledge and experience in the field of new and emerging technologies motivated Evan to come up with his own company ‘EL Group International.’ His company has successfully developed and delivered digital solutions for significant fortune 500 companies.

The dreamr platform is capable, and it identifies the chance of leveraging current and emerging technologies in order to create an ecosystem which is entirely digital for online networking and empowering its users to achieve their dreams. The dreamr team has the collective experience of over 100 product launches and rollouts on both the development and marketing side. They have been working on dreamr independently for more than three years intending to provide a platform that will genuinely have a positive impact on the lives of its users.

With a plethora of benefits of its platform, Dreamr has a long way ahead. The project is new and different and has the potential to make it big. The dreamr platform mainly aims to help everyone out there achieve and live their dreams. The entire attendees of the conference saw great potential in the project.

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