Careers in the Video Game Industry That are Projected to Grow to $300B by 2025


A report from earlier in the year projects that the video game industry will grow to $300 billion by 2025. Mobile and cloud gaming are expected to continue growing, as mobile gaming outpaced PC and console revenue in 2018, which hit $131 billion.

Take-Two Interactive reports that the industry is projected to continue on its growth trajectory over the next 25 years.

Growth in the industry had led to a demand for qualified employees to fill the ranks of the world’s largest video game developers and even small mobile game startups. Entering the field offers a career option with decades of projected growth and revenue that is expected to double in the next six years.

Careers in the industry that are in demand are vast.

Multimedia artists and animators with a unique style are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median pay for this position is $72,520 per year, with a bachelor’s degree required to enter the field. The outlook for this career is as fast as average, with an 8% growth through 2026.

Audio engineers and composers are also high in demand. These positions are growing, as more studios focus on sound effects and in-game audio. Broadcast and sound engineering technicians will also enjoy 8% growth through 2026, with the average median pay of $43,660. Entry into these positions requires attending audio engineering schools and on-the-job training.

Game developers are in high demand, and the industry has seen an increase in the number of people wanting to enter the field. The field consists of software developers that take an interest in game development and is projected to grow by 24% through 2026. Developers can transition to other fields, and the average median salary is $105,590 per year. A bachelor’s degree or higher is recommended to enter into this position.

Video game testers are equally in demand, and this position requires far less education than other positions. A lot of people enter the field as a tester to determine if the industry is a good fit for them. Game testers have an eye for detail and will play games for 8+ hours per day to try and “break the game.” The goal is to find any potential bugs and fix them before games or patches are released.

These perfectionists are team players and often aspire to get into a development position.

Customer support agents are also in demand. Applicants that speak multiple languages or have experience with computers or consoles are at an advantage when applying.


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