How To Maintain Your Sails While Your Boat Is In Storage


Maintaining your sails must be one of the first things you learn when owning a boat. First-time boat owners are unsure about how they should manage their sails. When storing your boat, you must ensure that your sails are looked after.

Easy Ways To Maintain Your Sails When Placing Them Into Storage

Maintaining your sails is important, and putting them away without care just won’t do. Even though you are placing the sail in storage, it does not mean they can be neglected. The sails on your boat must be well looked after.

When taking the sails down for storage, it is vital that you inspect them for any damage or any signs of wear and tear. Remember to wash your sail with warm water to remove any corrosive salt.

Once checked for damage and washed, spread out the sail to dry to prevent mildew growth. When folding the sail have someone help you stretch the material as creases will damage the sail.

Tips On How To Make Your Sales Last Longer

It is best to keep them out of the sun when you are not using them. Keep the sail as clean as possible. As sails get older, they lose their shape when this happens; it is best to use a recut. By using a recut to keep their shape means you can use them longer.

Inspect the sail as often as you can to ensure there is no damage. If it is damaged, get it repaired now, so you don’t have to replace it later. Repairing your sails can be hard when doing it yourself. 

It may be a better idea to take your sails to professionals for repairs. According to sailmakers in Auckland, having a professional take care of your repairs will guarantee a longer sail lifespan.

How To Place Sails Into Storage

After checking to ensure that your sail is in the right condition for storage, it’s best to know how to store your sails. Washing, drying, and folding your sails correctly is a vital part of storing them away.

Bag Your Sails

Once you and a friend have folded the sail, it should be carefully placed into its bag. It is crucial to place this bag in a cool, dry place for the period of time you won’t be using it. Keeping your sail dry and cool will reduce the risk of mold or mildew growth.

Keep Pests Away

It is also important to ensure that no pests can get near the sails. Folded up sails provide a perfect environment for rats or mice. This could leave you with a sail full of holes and unhealthy stains.

Be Careful About Temperature 

High temperatures can severely damage a sail; it could change shape or become brittle. It is best to hang the sail from the ceiling where they aren’t touching anything. Another way of storing the sail is to place it on a shelf not facing any walls.

Considering Long-term Storage 

Finding a place to store your sails and your boat can be difficult. A facility that offers storage units in Christchurch points out how important location, accessibility,  and proper storage is for a boat. Make sure you choose the right place for you and your boat.

To Sum It All Up

It is important to maintain your sails, especially when placing them into storage. Placing a sail into storage incorrectly can cause a severe amount of damage. Replacing or repairing damaged sails can be costly. It is always best to try and prevent any damage.


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