The Tools to Growing an Online Business with Youssef Kwaik


Whether you are a seasoned online business owner or just starting, keeping up with the ever-evolving digital world will be part of your main concerns. It will also be a very demanding experience. 

It is important to understand that one of the most important aspects of running a business is having real leadership qualities that allow you to communicate with a team. To help keep up, we’ve dived into some tips we think are significant. 

  • Work with the right people for the right things 

Your business is not a one-man army in which you must become a master of all trades. Instead, it includes connecting with people who are specialized in their positions and building a team which flourishes as a result of proper communications. Work is divided amongst a strong team which involves many different strengths and weaknesses, but knows how to delegate themselves appropriately.  This way, you can expect better results and maintain a smooth workflow. 

Ideally, a typical team includes individuals whose expertise lies in different spaces. There may be a web designer who can make your vision for a landing page a reality – and then an expert in email marketing who makes use of that beautiful landing page by driving traffic to it. It’s all about the communication between the team and their coordinated responses to issues when things become critical. 

  • Excelling at one trade may not be beneficial; understand everything at the base level

Although you are not required to become an expert in everything that you will be utilizing to start your venture, it is important to get a decent understanding of all things marketing. You may not have to be an expert in, for example, SEO or SMO, and as explained already, you will have to work with people who are experts, but you should understand the principles of the two. You should aim to understand the concepts at their basic levels and then make the appropriate decision to continue studying them. For example, the team at Merk Agency consists of individuals who all have their own unique skill sets. However, after interviewing the CEO, we were quick to realize that his knowledge and true understanding of digital marketing as a whole is the reason he is able to successfully articulate the goals of their projects to each member of the team, regardless of what their responsibilities are. 

  • Make data based decisions 

17 year old entrepreneur and founder of Merk Agency, Youssef Kwaik, a talented digital marketer and certainly a quality individual – explains that the data that comes from your social media pages and websites are like gold. He is absolutely right. “That data will allow you to spend valuable time perfecting your product, increase your brand awareness, connect with your loyal customer base, and ultimately increase conversion rates.” Today, on your site, you can use tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to track all the data about the traffic that is coming through to your webpages – and ultimately put together who your ideal customer is. “Right now, collecting and taking advantage of that data is the most efficient thing you can do to win the attention of people who are in need of exactly what you are offering.” Rather than spending your hard earned money on guesswork, choose to make data based decisions which are efficient and cost-effective. 

  • Start an affiliate program

Unless you are offering equity or royalties, no one has good reason to work for your business as hard as you would. One of the best ways to market your product or service is by offering a percentage commission to affiliate marketers. This is a proven method for your product to get around and gain some traction. This way, you can introduce your product to new customer bases, and eventually get more sales. On top of this, you can leverage off the affiliates to find which blogs, pages, or groups your customers are most interested in so that you can advertise accordingly in the future. 

  • Have a strong social media presence 

A strong social media presence builds credibility and traffic – and should be your primary focus. Be an active participant in the niche forums on Reddit and Quora. Connect with people who you may grow a mutually beneficial relationship with on LinkedIn. Youssef breaks down why it is important to be active in online communities best. “Be engaged and involved in the community that you are seeking attention and engagement from. Engagement earns engagement. The best way to grab the attention from people is by directly interacting with them. Data-driven ad sets work great, but it is free for an up and coming chef to leave a comment on the top performing chefs in the industry. This way – you are directly exposed to a community which you are trying to become recognized by.” Leave comments and take advantage of direct messaging on Instagram. All of these will help you gain traction and get more involved.


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