Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own Small-Business Enterprise


It’s 2019, and gone are the days of working an uninspiring 9-5 company grind alongside 100s of your equally unengaged coworkers. You don’t have to spend the rest of your days clinging to the shaky ladder of fierce corporate competition, as the dream of becoming your own boss is becoming more and more of an attainable reality. 

Every day more and more American’s are choosing to make the leap from regular employment to self-employment. Even as far back as 2010, 27.9 million small enterprises had been registered according to the records of the U.S Small Business Administration.

Why Start Your Own Business?

Independence and Decision Making

That’s right; you’re the captain of this ship. That means it’s up to you to decide who you want on board, and what direction you want to sail in. You get to choose how and when you work, who you hire, what you sell, how you sell it. It’s all on you. Running your own enterprise gives you a sense of independence you can rarely find in traditional employment.

Doing What You Love

Building a business from scratch gives you the freedom to choose your work, and almost everyone works better when they’re doing what they love.

It makes sense, as starting your own small enterprise can offer a multitude of benefits. First, there is the power of investing in your own creative endeavors. Think of what you’re most passionate about, and find a niche in the world of business where you can market your skills and interests.

Developing New Skills

Personal and professional development become one when you create your own business, whether it’s learning how to network, how to pitch yourself (especially if you’re trying to get small business start up loans and grants for financial support), how to take care of all the nitty-gritty aspects of a business, like taxes and administrative tasks, etc. 

Of course, no matter how small-scale your concept may seem, setting up your own business is never going to be easy. There is so much new information to attain and various hurdles to jump over; it might be one of the most challenging things you ever choose to do. You have to keep in mind that starting down the path of entrepreneurship is going to require a lot of time, investment, determination and the ability to acquire masses of new information, as well as learn from the mistakes you make along the way. And there will probably be a lot of them.

But at the end of the day, if you put in the hard yards and every element comes together, you will likely find yourself more fulfilled than you ever could be doing uninspiring work for faceless entities. And while it’s risky, the most rewarding things always are.


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