Why Are People Dating Less?


When we were young, nothing seemed quite as unnerving as the prospect of asking someone out. Your lips would quiver, your brow line with sweat. Simple words became impossible to say, and any sense of confidence would vanish. Any date that followed would usually be in the food court of the local mall and would be an uncomfortable affair involving clammy hands and awkward hugs.

As we mature in age, our confidence develops, and we start to bridge the gap. Not a lot has changed in terms of confidence, but at least as adults, we can afford to eat in a proper establishment. So why does it seem that young people are dating less?

Restaurant sales are, however, dipping. Tables for two have become a less common sight on a Friday night, and instead, people are staying at home. Profit growth in the hospitality industry is dropping. People are eating out a lot less than in years gone by.

Is the Internet to Blame?

Not such a long time ago, it may have been considered a little odd to try and find a partner online. Perhaps it was thought of as too close to the idea of mail order brides, and escorts. Maybe it suggested a lack of confidence or interpersonal skills.

Modern technology has truly excelled in all areas. Not only does it provide us with dating apps and singles websites, but also with advice on how to meet people. It tells us what to say when we meet them. What body language we should be looking out for as well as displaying.

You can even order them flowers. Just a couple of clicks, and you’ll know how to find the cheapest international flower delivery prices. If you’re too nervous for words, nothing says I like you as much as a red rose and sunflower bouquet. It is almost as if every aspect of the modern dating game can be performed online.

It may not be that people are dating less, but perhaps the dating game has changed. Perhaps the new candlelit dinner for two will soon be replaced with a less traditional Netflix and chill.

What Does This Mean For The Economy?

Where people may have been considered cheap for ordering a bottle of house white and insisting on the fixed price lunch menu, they are now considered to be prudent or wise. As a result of this shift in social belief, the economy may well take a bit of a hit. The hospitality sector may well continue to see a drop in trade.

It may not at all be the case that fewer people are dating. More likely would be the idea that fewer couples are indulging. Instead, they save. They make the right decisions to be able to achieve financial security.

Ultimately this could very well be good for the economy. The less people splurge, the less they borrow. Debt could be reduced across the board. As people buy houses younger as a result of making better choices, the property market will strengthen.

Is Less More?

Less dating doesn’t might look bad now, but the future may well see a stronger economy. As people become savvier about how they spend, the knock-on effect good potentially be quite promising.


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