3 Jobs that Wouldn’t Exist Without Social Media


Social Media

Social media has its fair share of pros and cons, but one thing we can’t deny, is it’s created unique job opportunities. It’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to finding employment these days, but social platforms have undoubtedly filled some gaps within the ever-competitive job market.

Social Media Strategist

Companies big and small are using social media platforms to market their brand. With widespread social media usage being a relatively new concept, it can take an expert hand especially as the industry continues to evolve. Social market strategists take a close look at trends in the market, and on places like Facebook and Instagram. They can use their knowledge to market a product or service via social media. 

They can even analyze trends to predict if a new product will be successful. They can evaluate how well their social media accounts are performing. A brand also needs to know about advertising effectively. Sometimes it can take a strategist to understand what types of ads are the most useful. Keeping up with current events, and even the latest memes, is part of a strategist’s job. Their goal is to provide product and ad campaigns that will be successful on various platforms.


Whether they’re on YouTube or Instagram, influencers have flooded popular sites in recent years. Influencers can be described as freelance advertisers; they use, review, and rate products for their followers. They’re often paid in ad revenue, or through contracts with whatever brands they’re suggesting.

Influencers can promote just about anything, from makeup to yoga equipment. They’re not limited to only one brand, either. Since they don’t work directly for a company, they’re free to promote a wide variety of products. Influencers are often criticized for biased reviews if they’re found to be contracted with a single entity. Followers tend to value influencers who are honest, and work with multiple brands.

Content Czar

Yes, it’s a real job title. Someone has to be in charge of all the content that your company puts out, and that job falls on the content czar. They’re in charge of making sure the right content finds its way to the right platforms. You wouldn’t want to post a blog in your Instagram story, no more than you’d want to put outdated information on Facebook.

The content czar keeps everything up to date, optimized, and relevant. If the company has a blog, the content czar might even be the author of blog posts. It might make more sense to think of it as a content manager. But content czar sounds so much cooler.

New Opportunities

New jobs related to media are being created constantly. And thanks to the internet, finding social media jobs is a breeze. Whether you’re ready to work for a company or want to set out on your own, social media has built a new dimension for employment.


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