In Pursuit Of Perfection


Perfection, “the action or process of improving something until it is faultless.” Some people are content with good enough. Others will only be satisfied with perfection. They will pursue their goal relentlessly. They will make sacrifices that many of us will not even consider.

How To Reach Perfection

People on the road to perfection do their best each day. The next day they strive to do even better. They drive themselves to the limit of their abilities. They get out of their comfort zone regularly. 

They have a vision, an image in their mind’s eye of what their end goal must be. One attribute they all have in common is discipline. Without discipline, they would never be able to drive themselves to new heights of excellence every day.

How To Know When You Have Achieved Perfection

It is not possible to achieve perfection. A person, an object, or a process will never be faultless. There will always be some defect that will spoil the elusive condition of perfection. Perfection is not about the end goal; it is about the journey.

A Case Study

Michelle Aran is the founder of Velvet Caviar. Her journey in pursuit of perfection started in 2010 when she got her first iPhone. She was intrigued by the different designs of iPhone cases sold at the mall kiosks.

Visits to the mall kiosks to find the best-designed case became an almost weekly occurrence.

They were a bit flimsy, so the kiosk cases often broke, unlike the more sturdy branded cases. Although they were better quality, the branded cases did not offer the cool designs of those sold at the mall kiosks.

She became obsessed to find the perfect iPhone case.

She graduated from college in 2013 and was thinking about starting a career as a lawyer. It did not materialize because the obsession with finding a perfect iPhone case was still with her. She had a vision of the end product. In her mind’s eye, she saw high quality, well designed iPhone cases.

She abandoned the stability of a career as a lawyer and instead chose to follow her obsession.

For the next six months, she spent countless hours researching different types of designs. She found the perfect, high-quality material from which the cases will be made. It was a rigorous process. She had to dig deep. But she had the discipline to complete it.

She sold everything she had to buy inventory.

She was so broke by the time she launched in 2014, that she could only afford to rent a bedroom in an apartment.

It took only a few months for @velvetcaviar to go viral on social media. People loved the unique, aesthetic appealing cases. The newly minted slogan “Pretty yet Protective,” described the cases perfectly. Today her dedicated team, based in Brooklyn, New York, is producing the best iPhone cases imaginable, consistently.


The pursuit of perfection is a character trait; few people have. Those who do have it often become very successful in life, as can be seen in the case of Michelle Aran.


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