English Liulishuo App Improves English Language Proficiency, British Study Finds


A study from the British Council and the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA) has found that English Liulishuo, an English-learning mobile app, can help students significantly improve their test scores.

The app, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is a flagship product of LAIX Inc.

The study found that after 36.88 hours of study with English Liulishuo, 72% of users were able to improve their test scores and 40% were able to progress to at least the next higher level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). CEFR is a guideline used to measure the achievements of foreign language learners across Europe.

The study included 746 app users who were taking courses at three levels over a period of two months.

In order to measure the effectiveness of an AI English teacher on proficiency, the researchers used the Aptis test, which was developed by the British Council. All study participants took an Aptis test prior to the start of the course and another after the course concluded.

The Aptis test measures proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The study concluded that participants who used English Liulishuo alone had 10 times higher learning rates than those who used other study methods in addition to using the app.

Data from 559 users show that participants gain an average of 0.324 points per hour on their Aptis score when using the app. Speaking and reading skills saw the biggest improvements.

The study also demonstrated the popularity of the app, with 90% stating that they enjoyed studying with English Liulishuo. More than 80% believed that the app’s methods were more effective than other methods they’ve used to study English.

English Liulishuo offers an adaptive learning system and a suit of comprehensive learning courses. The app also includes a proprietary speech recognition engine as well as an auto-scoring engine to aid in English language study. Courses are customized by the AI English teacher, and users gain access to other helpful features, such as scene dialogs and authentic pronunciation lessons. The app’s gamified approach to language learning is part of what makes it so popular among users.

The study highlights the growing use of technology in language learning. Apps such as English Liulishuo can help users improve their vocabulary and refine their pronunciation skills.

Online resources can help improve reading, writing and comprehension skills. Literary Devices, one of the most popular reference sites for teachers, can help language learners better understand more advanced concepts in English literature while improving their writing skills. The website provides detailed information on essay writing, including explanations and examples of different types of essays in academic writing.

Definitions of grammatical terms further help language learners understand sentence structure, and this comprehensive resource even provides explanations of common literary terms which may be confusing to language learners.

Along with apps and online resources, English language students are also turning to television to improve their proficiency. In fact, according to The Guardian, the U.S. television show Friends is a go-to resource for those who are just getting started with learning English.

The show, which uses colloquial language, has helped baseball players Luis Severino (from the Dominican Republic) and Wilmer Flores (from Venezuela) learn English. Rap Monster, a member of the Korean band BTS, has said that mothers in South Korea regularly use Friends to encourage their children to learn the language.

Exposure to the language in multiple formats is key. Apps, websites and television shows provide a solid foundation and the wide range of exposure needed to absorb and immerse learnings in the language. Listening to radio broadcasts and music in the desired language can further help improve proficiency.


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