7 Quick Cleaning Tips For Your Home


Let’s be honest, not a lot of us enjoy cleaning. It’s something we have to do to make sure our house looks decent. But it’s a chore. And, it can take a long time if you do it well. Now, what if we told you we have some tips for you to do it in no time at all? Sound good? Well, here they are. 

Take note to whip your house into shape in half the time. No more need to worry about your mom calling and saying she’s on her way. You’ll be clean before she gets there.

Quick Vacuum

An excellent vacuum cleaner is your best friend. You can clean almost any surface with one, and it’s so fast. Old hoovers don’t do the job that well. So, invest in a good one. Clean Up Expert, say that, “Cleaning your house will never be completely painless, but with top-quality cleaning products, you can save a lot of time, money, and energy.” It’s worth it.

If you don’t know which one to choose, have a look at sites like Wirecutter who have reviewed a wide variety and got the best tips.

Garbage Bag In Hand

Instead of slowly sweeping up any bits of rubbish, or taking bit by bit to the trash, have a bag with you. You can go round the house fast and chuck everything in as you go. A laundry basket is a good idea too for all those dirty clothes thrown on the floor.

Quick Dust and Wipe

Dust and grime can make our homes look dirty fast. So, a swift wipe or dust of all surfaces will make it look sparkling. And fast. Be sure to go through every room of the house, so you don’t miss anything.

Pillows and Blankets

These bits can quickly get misshapen or crooked as we use sofas all the time. But a quick fluff of pillows, cushions, and blankets will make it look hotel ready. You can even do it while watching TV, so no excuses.

Put Out Fresh Towels

This always adds a nice touch to any guest bedroom. The room will smell like the clean, fluffy towels. And it’s lovely to have fresh towels waiting for you when you go to stay somewhere, right?

Use a Timer

If you want to have your home done in 30 minutes, set a timer. See how much you can get done. Judging by your performance, you can see what things worked and what you need to change for next time. You’ll soon have your routine in place, and it’ll take no time at all.

Put On Some Music

Listening to your favorite tunes might motivate you. It blocks out anything else you may be thinking about, which speeds you up. You’ll enjoy yourself too while singing along at the top of your voice.

It Can Be Done

So, using all these techniques, you should be able to clean a lot faster than before. And, if you use the same routine time and time again, it will get comfortable and take no time at all. And, dare we say it, you might even have a good time!


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