Alternative Living Solutions for Your Home


A lot of us buy a standard house or apartment. They’re functional, but there isn’t a lot of flair about them. Every now and again, however, there someone decides to throw conventional wisdom out the window, and we’re thankful that they did!

Maybe you’re not even aware that these other types of homes or living solutions exist out there. There are easily mobile transportable homes, and houses made from different upcycled objects like cargo containers. 

Besides the homes itself, installing turf to avoid all the hassle of caring for a garden, is another popular, yet unorthodox option for a property. This article gives you the lowdown on these three unorthodox housing or landscaping options.

Transportable Homes

Most of us have heard of transportable homes, but do we know much about them? Well, let us tell you more. We love this idea because you can buy or build a home, and then take it anywhere! Literally. 

Some families have huge houses built that if they want to move to another city, they put it on a lorry and they’re off. These homes can vary in size and can be anything from a one-person loft to a 12m x 8m abode. 

According to Able Spaces, transportable homes in NZ can only be described as “healthy, sustainable, and warm with minimum impact on the planet.” This new trend may be more than just a blip on the housing radar, because of how ecologically sound these homes are

Artificial Yards

No mud, no worries! If you don’t have the time or the earth to plant grass seeds and watch them grow, turn to artificial methods. Artificial grass in Christchurch comes in multiple variants, but they all are designed to hold their shape, hold up to the elements, and not fade over time. 

Because the yard is artificial, you don’t have to worry about chores like watering the garden, weeding your yard, cutting the grass, dieoff. A lot of artificial yards also have excellent drainage, which is great for the rainy season.

Converted Homes

Converted homes is one of the most interesting housing trends being explored. You may have seen on your TV, or even in real life, those homes that have been transformed from something that was no longer used. These homes can look incredible.

The fad is all over the world now, and it’s so easy to find great ideas online. Conversions have used churches, old buses, and even ship crates. Looking inside them is always fun, and they often have a very cozy feel.

These homes are full of character and charm. Of course, they can be quite costly, and getting permission in the first place could be tough. Always do your research and be fully prepared before setting out on this purchase, and good luck if you try to turn this into a DIY.

Think Different

Before heading off to the agency before you buy your next home or yard, why not think of one of these methods. Do you want to be able to take your home anywhere you go? Do you want to convert the old lighthouse into a beautiful family home? Does no more cutting grass sound like a dealbreaker to you?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, you should look into one of these three trends currently shaking up New Zealand’s housing market.



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