Nails That Last: Tips for a Long-Lasting Manicure


Are you tired of seeing chipped, brittle nails just a few days after your manicure?

You can finally put botched nails to rest by following a few manicure care tips.

Here are the tips you’ll need to know to get a manicure that lasts (without having to take an expensive trip to the salon)!

Start With Clean Nails

Your hands and nails have natural oils on them that might hinder the adherence of your nail polish and lead to chipping. Washing your hands and nails with warm water and soap is the first step to getting your nails manicure-ready.

File Your Nails Properly

Your nail file shouldn’t be wielded like a saw as you file your nails. To prevent breakage, gently file your nails in one direction and tilt the file to file from underneath. This allows you to see whether you are overfiling or not.

Apply a Base Coat

A good base coat can really keep your nails looking good for longer. You might wonder why you should spend more money on a base coat or the extra time to apply it. 

It really does make a difference!

It’s time to stretch your color for a few more days (or even weeks)! Here are a few benefits to using a base coat:

  1. It acts like two sided tape. Base coats contain special chemicals that help them stick to both your nails and the polish. This prevents your nails from chipping too quickly by helping the polish move as your nail moves. This double-stick tape effect is especially true for rubber based nail coats such as the ones from Kodi professional.
  2. It prevents your nails from yellowing. If you’ve ever removed your nail polish only to find discolored nails underneath, your nails have been stained. This is caused by a chemical reaction between the chemicals in the polish and your nails. This is especially true for polishes with darker pigments or flourescent dyes. A base coat offers protection for your nails by providing a clear barrier that keeps the polish from staining your nails.
  3. Use a special base coat for glitter polish. Glitter nail polish looks super cute but can be a super pain to remove! You can use peelable base coats to apply your nail polish one day and just peel it off the next!

Go Easy On the Polish!

We often apply a little too much polish onto our nails, leading to a bumpy mess that takes forever to dry.  Instead of applying one thick glob of polish, apply 2 thin coats. It dries faster and more smoothly.

Let it Dry!

The final tip is deceptively simple: Let your nails dry completely. You might assume that your nails are ready to go after a few minutes. Nope!

It can take at least an hour for your polish to become ready to go.

By following these tips, you’ll have nails that  look amazing and will stay looking great much longer.


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