5 Secret To Save Money At Airports


In the mini world of airports, everything is expensive. Bad snacks at exorbitant prices, car parks that go through the clouds in a few days, and even low-cost airlines charge you for printing the boarding pass or billing your luggage.

But do not panic, it is possible to go to the airport and not leave us through one eye of the face. In this article, I will reveal tricks and secrets so that the hours spent at the airport do not lead to ruin.

Tip 1. Look for external parking:

The official parking rates are between $10 and $15 a day, something that for an equal weekend is not too much, but as we make a trip of a week or more, it will be more expensive than rent a car at the destination.

Luckily, there are alternative car parks to the official one in most places airports. There are utilities, such as Parkos.com, and Parkos allow us to find other alternatives to airport parking.

These options offered by the Miami airport parking service include parking of all kinds. In some, they come to pick you up at the end of a shuttle and in others, they hand you the car when you arrive at the terminal. There are very good options for parking long stays

Tip 2. Look carefully at what each food stand offers:

Eating at airports is a horror. The food is bad, and still above, expensive. Shortly after you neglect, a snack with a drink is $10 -12$, and it doesn’t matter what you ask for: they are all equally tasteless. That is why I tend more and more to make my own sandwich from home to parking lots

If I have no chance to prepare something to spend several hours at the Miami airport parking, then it’s time to make the route to see what each position offers and keep the least bad. The sandwiches are the same everywhere, so other options are pizzas, hamburgers or fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King.

Although I don’t like these fast food chains at all, at the airport they are the most filling option at the lowest cost, at the expense of staying all afternoon with the taste of the hamburger in your mouth.

Tip 3. Go with an empty bottle or refillable container:

Water is another scarce resource within airports. I don’t know why, but a small bottle of water costs between $1.5 and $2, and the liter can reach $3.5.

To avoid these abusive prices, a tanned traveler’s trick is to go with an empty bottle in your carry-on luggage, or with a refillable container (so avoid unnecessary plastic). Then you fill it inside the mia parking in the drinking fountains, and that’s it.

Another option is to check how much water costs in fast food chains such as Burger King or McDonald’s, since there the water is usually $1.

Tip 4. Print the tickets or take them on your mobile:

The issue of low-cost tickets has brought many problems because at first people did not realize how to print them. Now it seems that we have all learned this little trick from the airlines, especially when you can take the ticket in digital format on your mobile, not to go with more papers.

My recommendation is always to take the paper ticket since it costs nothing, and the paper does not run out of battery or the screen is broken (I say it because once my mobile screen broke at the Miami airport).

Tip 5. On long scales, find out about the VIP lounge:

The VIP rooms sound like space reserved for people in suits, although they are open to everyone who pays their price. On a long scale, of more than 5 hours, it can be a good option to find out how much it costs, since, for about $25 -35$, we can access it, having much more comfortable seats, sometimes showers and open bar with things to snack, making the wait much more entertaining (and without spoiling our backs in the bad seats of the Miami airport).

The pity is that very few are open at night, for those flights that leave before dawn, because it would be very good to be able to stay in the VIP room to take a nod.

These are some of the secrets that allow me to save money while I am at the Miami international airport. Which ones do you have Tell me in the comments.


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