Take a Survey, Win Free Stuff


In today’s economy, you can get paid for anything. With companies like TaskRabbit and Swagbucks, standing in line or filling out your clothing preferences can make you a quick buck. Students, people in-between jobs, and those looking for supplemental income pounce on these opportunities. And can you blame them? We spend half of our lives staring at our phones anyway. Why not make some money while doing it?

Unfortunately, the return on investment isn’t always so high. The average survey on Swagbucks pays out about a dollar. InBox Dollars can yield as low as $0.41 an hour1. You might hate your day job, but I guarantee it pays more than that.

The good news – we’ve found a survey that’s actually worth your time. By simply answering a few questions, you can win up to thousands of dollars in stuff.

How it works

You know how at the bottom of receipts there’s often a little number for a feedback survey?

No? You never check your receipts? Well, maybe it’s time you started. Because tons of companies offer an opportunity to win big by simply leaving your feedback. All they require is a purchase receipt.

Step one: Visit one of the companies listed on Distro

Distro.fm is committed to bringing readers guides on how to save money. Specifically, they collect all of the best surveys and sweepstakes in one spot. Visit their website to find deals from supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

Step two: Make a purchase and get the receipt

Companies value your feedback. But in order to give accurate, real feedback, you have to experience their product. That’s why companies like BJ’s, Outback Steakhouse, and AMC movie theaters want you to make a purchase first. Located on the bottom of your receipt will be a code to enter the survey.

Step three: Enter your code online

Head back to the internet and follow the instructions on the company’s sweepstakes website. To make it easy, you can just return to https://distro.fm/, click on the corresponding deal, and they’ll guide you through it. Eventually, you’ll be directed to a survey that, upon completion, enters you in to the competition to win free stuff.

Final thoughts

Most of these sweepstakes have rules, such as being over 18 to participate. A large majority prohibit employees and affiliates from participating, and most are limited to US residents. But if you meet those criteria, it’s fair game, and you could win big. I don’t know why you’re still sitting here reading this article. Head over to https://distro.fm/ and start winning free stuff!


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