What Retirement Looks Like in the Future


Since the infamous FaceApp can predict how one looks like when they get old, media and the Government may as well be able to foresee how future retirement differ from that of today. There is no guarantee whether it will be better or worse, but some trends point towards the same direction.

Better Nursing Home

If humans make it to Mars in 2033, they will have a better view from their retirement home just in time for some islands to vanish due to severe climate change.

For folks that remain on Earth, this should not be bad news. 50 years from now, there will be 100 million American over the age of retirement, increasing 60% from today. In the EU, the number of adults over 75 years old will double in 2050. Not to mention that more millennials choose not to get married or have children nowadays. 

This implies a vast market for retirement communities. Nursing houses will be pitching for retirement money with a better environment and facilities. The elderly care industry will witness a rising demand in not only housing but also 24-hour care services and health support.  

Stronger Retirees 

Living into the 90s is no longer an unrealistic expectation for human. With excessive fundings into cancer research and the bloom of dietary supplement market, life expectancy is lengthening.

Seniors will mainly be moving around in mobility scooters, having their robots prepare meals from lab-grown meats and vegetables, and sometimes travel to space with their grandchildren. Healthcare nanobots are getting better at detecting health problems and unclogging bloodstreams. 3-D printing organs are becoming more affordable. Technology will change the way people live and for how long. 

Or Retirement Might Be Non-Existent

A recent survey shows that more than 50% of Americans expect to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. The simple reason for this is insufficient savings. Social security will run out by 2034, placing more pressure on financial necessity and old age employment. 

On the other hand, research shows that Gen X and Millennials are better money makers than their prior generations. Given the rising living standards and their lack of saving ability, working into the retirement age will be more common in the future. 


Retirement may look promising to some, but bleak to others. It is wise to plan retirement ahead and get all the benefits that the future brings. Invest as much as possible. Make savings a habit. Ask for a salary raise when opportunities arise. A better future depends on small actions from today. 


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