Mobile Home Skirting: Why It’s Important and Choosing Your Kit


Have you been thinking of getting a mobile home skirting kit? There are plenty of reasons why this is a great idea!

For one, it can make your home more attractive by covering up the exposed underbelly to your home. If you are particularly short on space, you can even use skirting as a way to hide supplies and gardening tools. But there is more to mobile skirting than curb appeal.

Skirting can save you money and protect your home!

Read on to learn why skirting is a great investment for your home and how you can choose the right kit for your home.

Why Mobile Home Skirting is Important For Your Home

If you are new to owning a mobile home, you might be asking what skirting even is. It is simply a set of panels that cover the space between your home and the ground. Skirting can be of any number of materials such as vinyl, brick,stucco, metal or lattice.

Providing skirting to your home protects your’s homes pipes from freezing and prevents your structural elements from exposure. Skirting also keeps out critters and vermin that can lead to an infestation.

The protection of skirting can also help you save money. If your pipes are left uncovered, damage from extreme temperatures can put a dent in your wallet.

Lastly, skirting can also serve as an added support for your mobile home.

Tips for Finding the Right Mobile Home Skirting

It takes time to figure out what mobile home skirting is right for you.

Begin by checking the local laws. In some states, skirting isn’t just an optional addition to your home. It is legally required. A bad skirting installation can even void insurance claims and home warranties.

To determine what kind of kit you need, consider the needs of your home. Find out the height of your home and measure the perimeter. This step is important for two reasons:

  1. You need to know how many panels to buy.
  2. You need to have the proper amount of venting and circulation in order to prevent mildew.

Afterwards, you need to choose the materials you are going to use, popular materials for mobile home skirting includes:

  • Metal – Metal skirting is a great option for people who are looking for skirting that is attractive, easy to install, and won’t break the bank.
  • Vinyl – Super popular for mobile homeowners, vinyl is environmentally-friendly and affordable. A major disadvantage is the fact that some avaible vinyl options can be weaker than concrete or metal.
  • Concrete – While it does require a bit more work than other options, concrete is very durable and will likely last for a long while.

When you’ve bought the kit, try to get all the materials at once. If you have chosen a material such as brick for your skirting, it is often sold in bundles. Each time you buy a bundle, you must realize that every bundle can be impacted by factors such as temperature or a slight change in the manufacturing process. This means that if you run of of material or underestimate how much material you need to cover your home, the next bundle you buy may be different.

4 More Things You Should Consider Before You Buy a Skirting Kit

If you are at the stage of wanting to buy a skirting kit, you might be wondering just how you can choose the right kit. Before you purchase a kit, you have to research and do your homework. Here are 4 questions you need to ask:

  1. Is it DIY Friendly? – While there are plenty of DIY skirting kits on the market, many kits aren’t. First, double check whether or not your kit specifies that it is DIY. Second, determine if it is easy to install. While you don’t need to be a professional to perfom a successful installation, you don’t want to buy a kit that will leave you fuming in frustration. Not only will it save you from buying the wrong product, you might save yourself from having to redo the skirting process all together. A kit that’s easy to install will have a solid literature behind it with simple instruction videos, product manuals, and possibly a site for online help.
  2. Will it Last? – Your mobile home skirting kit should consist of quality materials. This is an important aspect as your skirting forms the base of your mobile home. When your base is made up of materials that aren’t durable (such as wood), you could wind up dealing with problems like erosion and vermin in just a few years! To reduce later maintenance costs, go with a long-lasting material such as concrete or metal.
  3. Is it Well-Known in the Mobile Home Community? – It might sound odd at first, but your skirting kit should be able to be found on social media and forums. When your kit is well-known and has seen longevity in the industry, it will likely have a decent community behind it. Plenty of people will have installed it before you and they’ll likely leave reviews and tips.
  4. Is There a Warranty? – Even if your kit is long-lasting, anything can happen and protection is always useful. In case possible damage happens and you need to replace or repair your skirting, make sure your product is under a warranty.

Whether you are going for an approved appearance for your home, added protection or a mix of both, mobile home skirting kits are a great way for homeowners to easily install skirts to their homes.



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