Is Quentin Tarantino About To Make His Last Hollywood Film


Quentin Tarantino is the name that has impacted the pop culture with his films since the last 27 years. He has given delivered some mind-blowing films and his work in films like Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, etc, has received appreciation from critics around the world. His influence as a director is so remarkable that the journey of Hollywood would not get completed if his name is not there in it.

This successful director has delivered many legendary films in the past, but now what is breaking the heart of his fans is his news of retirement. It is anticipated that the director would embrace retirement post completing his 10th movie. His 9th movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is soon to hit the theatres and talks about his retirement plans are already in the air.

In the past few years, the director had been quite vocal about his retirement plans post completing his 10th movie. He stated that even though he loved making the film, but he thinks that the journey as a director should come to an end. His 9th movie is soon to be released in the theatres and with that, the director is anticipated to work on his last and final project before he can call it quits.

In a recent interview with Go Australia, the talented director dressed in a cool casual outfit and a hamilton Jazzmaster, confirmed calmly that this film will be marking the end of the roads for him. However, he would continue his journey in the creative field. He said that he wished to write film books and theatres and be attached to the world of performing arts differently. He added that it is better to step away while being at the top as the industry is full of humongous talents that can easily replace anyone. Superstar actor Brad Pitt also confirmed that Tarantino is quite serious about his retirement plans but he would definitely be associated with Hollywood in a different way.

The director is keeping his promise to retire after completing his 10th film and rumors are in the air that the talented director would work on the next installment of the Star Trek series. The news has not been confirmed yet and nothing is known about the release date of the film. The director has also not confirmed that news yet but back in May it was reported that he would be working in a cult sci-fi movie in which he said that he would bring an R rated spin.

Whether or not he decides to continue with direction post Star Trek or his other 10th fill, the fact cannot be denied that he is one of the best talents in the country and fans all around the world, who loves watching his movies, would surely miss his work. However, as he confirmed that he would continue with writing films, we can expect some great stories from him in the future.


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