Maryville, St. Louis Children will be Receiving Free Dental Care!


MARYVILLE — Neighborhood children will have the opportunity for free dental services out of Dr. Andrew English and his dental staff at Smile for Life Dentistry as a part of Kids Free Dentistry Day.

Almost one in four kids between the ages of 2 into 11-years-old has infected cavities in primary teeth, according to the CDC. Kids, generally, aren’t visiting a dentist near often enough to deal with rust in its first phases.

“Unfortunately, all these kids have sufficient decay in their primary teeth that the sole solution is multiple crowns or yanking teeth that could no longer be saved,” said Dr. English. “We look at Kid’s Free Dentistry Day as a means to offer important preventative care to kids in our community, also, to educate them on the value of getting a great oral hygiene regime.”

During Kids Free Dentistry Day, free cleanings, fillings and extractions will be provided to children on Friday, Aug. 2 from 8 a.m. to noon at 4971 S. State Rt. 159 in Maryville. Patients will be approved on a first-come, first-served foundation. Assisting providers to comprise Dr. Ashley Meyers of 21st Century Dental in Springfield, IL. To learn more, please call 618-288-6699.

Also, a piece of information that will be helpful for you is about Stainless Steel Dental crowns for Children! Stainless steel crowns are alloy caps used by dentists to fix a decayed baby molar (back enamel ) and stop it sterile further.

They are made to fit the specific dimensions and form of a child’s molar and are utilized to limit teeth with large or deep cavities.

Just 45 per cent of people 20-years-old and younger visit a dentist at least once each year, according to a nationwide poll conducted in 2004.

“It’s gratifying to see the effect that events like Kids Free Dentistry Day can have on the life span of a child,” said Dr. English. “At precisely the identical time we’re altering these youngsters’ lives, they are changing ours.”


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