7 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Staff


According to Forbes, outsourcing continues to grow as employers realize the benefits of hiring third-party companies to supply their IT talent. Before you decide to keep all your IT functions in-house, consider the benefits of outsourcing. There may be more to gain than you think.

1. Reduce IT Costs

Outsourcing moves IT costs to variable costs that are easier to budget on an as-needed basis. Fixed IT costs stay on the books whether you are fully utilizing those resources or not.

2. Decrease Labor Costs

When you hire and train IT resources, this pulls critical resources away from the important day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished. Hiring temporary employees is a good solution, but they might not meet your needs. Outsourcing enables human resources to concentrate their efforts where they can be most effective. This is also more cost-effective in the long run.

3. Get the Qualifications You Need

If you need staff that comes qualified and trained in certain areas of expertise, outsourcing is the way to go. Hiring a third party to recruit, vet and train resources saves you time and money. Experience is equally important and outsourcing lets you find the exact skill sets that you need for the job.

4. Benefit from Subject Matter Experts

IT consulting firms see related problems multiple times. This turns them into subject matter experts on a number of things, including how to interpret qualifications and actual experience. In-house IT employees are insolated from what’s happening in other companies and in the industry as a whole. IT consulting companies deal with and conquer a wide range of issues.

5. Increase Efficiency

Organizations that try to stay on top of every IT trend may be doing themselves a disservice. Outsourcing agencies specialize in the development and implementation of new systems using the latest technology. It often makes more sense to rely on their expertise and concentrate internal efforts on maintaining existing systems.

6. Reduce Risk

There’s risk inherent in every business under the sun. Competition, regulations, financial downturns and changing technology are all disruptors that can change whole markets quickly. Outsourcing providers manage this risk with focused industry knowledge, such as compliance and security. They generally excel at avoiding risks in their specializations. This takes the stress and pressure off your staff.

7. Keep Up With the Competition

Many small businesses don’t have the budget needed to support the large IT teams employed by larger competitors. Outsourcing really works well for these organizations. By targeting your spend to the specific technologies that can boost your market footprint, you can spend your budget in the most efficient manner without falling behind the “big” guys.

Outsourcing IT talent seems like a big financial commitment. The trick is conducting a true cost-benefit analysis of what it’s costing you not to use outsource IT resources.


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