5 Essentials Every Doctor Needs


Getting into the medical field can be a little overwhelming at first, but having the right guidance and the right tools, it can be easier.

This article will guide you through every essential you need, whether you’re starting the career, or if you’re already a doctor!


This is the one thing every doctor needs the most! From your college practices to attending patients, this is the only thing you must always have. 

There are many great brands that fabricate excellent stethoscopes, but Littmann Stethoscopes are the most durable and always widely recommended.

This tool will help you check your patient’s vitals, check any abnormal heartbeat, or just to prove that everything is okay.

Mobile Apps

Whether you like technology or not, having mobile apps on your device is a must. 

You can find many useful apps to help you get through the hard work. Top recommended productively apps are Weave, Epocrates, and Doximity. 

These applications will help you communicate with your patients, colleagues, or give you many tools that include symptom checkers and disease database!

Anatomy Atlas

Specifically, Netter’s Anatomy Atlas is a must-have for everyone that is starting medical school or working shifts at the hospital!

This atlas is an image-based book, which means that it only contains images and names of the anatomical structure. This is really helpful to get a quick check or refresher of a specific area of the body.

There are things that you might not remember from your classes, and you will need to check the book to treat your patient. For example, if you’re in the Emergency Room and someone comes with stomach pain, this atlas will show you the image of the structures that are located in a specific area of the abdomen.

Portable Phone Charger

Some shifts might last up to 36 hours, and there’s no reason to hide it! In all this time, your phone battery won’t last, that’s why you need a portable phone charger.

Communicating through a mobile device is very important in a hospital because there are emergencies every minute. So, if you’re in a long shift, the probabilities of your phone dying are very high. 

Having a portable charger will help you stay in contact with everyone!


A vacation is essential in the life of a doctor! They work very hard every day to keep the population’s health at its best, so it’s no secret that they get tired.

If you’re a doctor, it’s vital that you get vacations here and there. So, when you’re back at the hospital, you are in the best mindset and well-rested!

In Conclusion

The life of a doctor is an exciting mess. With long shifts and sleepless nights, you will need some things to keep you sane.

Make good use of your phone by downloading the best productivity applications, have vacations to restart yourself, and get a handy Human Anatomy Atlas!

All of these tips will help you get through the toughest career without any struggle.


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