Defining Robotic Process Automation or RPA!


If you are new to the term Robotic Process Automation or RPA, let us explain to you first. As per some people, the Robotic Process Automation is the process of using software automation integrated deeply with Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) and Machine learning (also known as ML). These programmed processes are supposed to manage and back up the high volume of tasks with the help of the latest and greatest AI and ML technologies. All these tasks can vary from scenario to scenario and the technology is supposed to automate the tasks that were repetitive and required manual human interventions previously. Some example tasks can include calculations, queries, and maintenance of different records and transactions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is nothing more than super intelligent and mostly self-learning software bots that are used to replace unnecessary human interventions. These RPA software bots can mimic or complete a good amount of different tasks automatically. This may include logging in to a system, capturing or entering dynamically different data accordingly, complete user predefined tasks, and much more.

Types of RPAs

Right now, it is safe to say that we can divide the RPA Robotic Process Automations into 3 broad categories. The Probots, Knowbots, and the Chatbots. Out of which the chatbots are the most famous and constantly increasing when it comes to the user bases.

  • The Probots are those automated bots that generally carry out simple user-defined or pre-generated rules to complete specific tasks over and over again.
  • The Knowbots are those automated bots that scrape down data from the internet. More specifically they are used to collect a huge amount of data from the internet based on some given predefined parameters and store it within the user’s database accordingly for later use.
  • Chatbots are those automated bots that are capable of responding to your query in real-time, or else connect you with the preferred support department accordingly. Chatbots are pretty famous nowadays and are used in many famous websites as well as the different B2B websites to retain customers more easily.

Why use Robotic Process Automation?

RPAs are very successful in providing hundreds of thousands of organizations an improved digital real-time experiencing by providing features like:

Better and almost real time customer support along with increasing the engagement rate in no time.

Ensuring new standards on every transaction and completed task. This includes the double-checking of every action made.

Easing up the processing of huge amount of data without much human reference needed.

Making all of your repetitive tasks more cost-effective by excluding human resource from there.

In the end, these Robotic Process Automation systems also help you save a lot of human resource, giving you a lot of choices in investing your resources where it is most required.


The market for the Robotic Process Automation systems is expected to reach a $5 Billion industry by the year 2024. And, this expectation seems to get real pretty fast considering the fact that the adoption of the new technologies is faster than ever now.


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