Best MBA Colleges in Coimbatore


Nowadays, Coimbatore is one of the top referred cities when it comes to education. And the “education” word also includes higher levels of education including MBA or The Master of Business Administration Course. After all, the city of Coimbatore holds some of the topmost MBA colleges out there within the whole country. Not stopping at that, you can easily find out some of the best arts college in Coimbatore city. The city is getting stronger day by day when it comes to educating the youth to the fullest.

Top MBA Colleges in Coimbatore

In this post today, we are going to discuss more regarding some of the best MBA colleges in Coimbatore. And by the end of the article, hopefully, you are going to find out your best MBA college in Coimbatore.

1. PSG Institute of Management

The PSG Institute of Management is no doubt one of the most named MBA colleges out there within Coimbatore, thus making it the first to mention within the list. There is a long list of corporate companies that pays visits to this MBA college in Coimbatore when it comes to the placement day. So, if you have got the skills, there is an almost 100% chance for placement. Talking about fees and donations, you need to have at least around 10 to 11 lakhs of which 7 lakhs goes as the donation. Another option to join the PSG Institute of Management is by giving the TANCET and acquiring good marks, at least 55 or even more than that which depends on the community that you belong to.

2. KCT Business School

KCT Business School tops the list just after the PSG Institute of Management. Again, there is yet one another big list of corporate companies visiting the campus of KCT Business School when it comes to the placement day. As per one of the students of this college, more than 50 companies paid a visit last year. Eventually, this list includes big names such as Coca-cola and Oracle. Coming to the fees and donations that are required to be given, the management seat is going to require you to pay up around 6 lakhs. This fee includes a donation of 3 lakhs and the rest is for the semester fees. You need to acquire more than 50 marks at least if you want to enter through TANCET.

3. Amirta Institute of Management

Amirta Institute of Management is the next one in the list. This college is pretty famous as well when it comes to MBA college in Coimbatore. You are going to get good exposure here as well. Again the placement rates were pretty good as well. Now talking about the fees and donations, you are required to have a sum around 8 lakhs to spend in order to get a seat here. The amount includes donation and college fees.


Coimbatore is one of the most famous cities when it comes to good and affordable education. Here in this article today, we listed the top 3 MBA colleges out there in Coimbatore.


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