Nahodry8 is the Only Sports Drink Using Nanotechnology to Increase Nutrient Consumption


Participation in any sports activity requires time, effort, and a lot of energy. The performance of the athlete depends on his/her eating patterns and nutrition intake. Hydration is also a crucial part of athletics, as performance will be severely impacted if one becomes dehydrated. During intense practice or training in warm weather, the requirement to rejuvenate fluids increases. A sports drink is the best way to replace lost electrolytes and keep the body hydrated.

There are various sports drinks available in the market, such as Mio Fit, propel, HEEd, Nanohydr8. Out of these, Nanohydr8 is the only sports drink that uses unique nanotechnology to increase nutrients consumption in the body. For the past decade, scientists have been using nanotechnology on plants to provide essential nutrients to increase the plant’s overall health, root structure, and better flowering. Using the same technology, Nanohydr8 developed a sports energy drink with nano-sized nutrients required by the body. These nano-sized nutrients instantly enter the bloodstream and rejuvenate the body. Otherwise, the body takes hours to breakdown your average basic nutrients into the digestive system; of which only 15% can reach the bloodstream, while the other 85% is flushed out.

By drinking Nanohydr8,  the nutrition goes directly to where it is required the most. This gives athletes more power, endurance, and better recovery. Along with nano-sized essential nutrients, Nanohydr8 also contains hydrozome amino acids (Branched-chain amino acids), which helps explicitly in faster muscle recovery and decreases body fatigue.

There are some sports energy drinks on the market which use a tremendous amount of caffeine to boost the energy of a person, but this extra caffeine also has side effects on health. Nanohydr8 uses the only optimum amount of caffeine (100mg per 60ml) as advisable by health nutritionists and scientists. This optimum amount of caffeine helps in the reduction of fatigue while dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow. This will cause the body to release compounds like adrenaline into the bloodstream, which are beneficial to athletic performance.

For every athlete or sportsperson in the world, sustainable energy for a workout or training is necessary. Nanohydr8 provides nano-nutrient particles that are readily available at the cellular level with unmatched speed and efficiency. It gives sustainable energy without any jitters or spikes.  Nanohydr8 is available in both shooters and concentrate options which can be consumed before and in the middle of exercise or workout. Available in Associated Foods stores in the United States and online.

The main ingredients of Nanohydr8 are a combination of different amino acids which are used for muscle building and repair, and electrolytes, which are used for hydration. It also contains antioxidants, and vitamins (ATP, vitamin B, C, resveratrol, and carnosine). This makes Nanohydr8 suitable for both young athletes and adults.  The use and possibilities are vast, be it a daily workout session or an intense training routine for top athletes, Nanohydr8 can fulfill them all.


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