Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Wellness Coach Receives Funding to Launch Health and Fitness Research Study


Winnipeg, Canada, July 2019 – Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg, Canada native, announces the launch of his research study based on health and fitness. Recent funding allows Patterson to pursue studying and testing specific formula methodologies that support customized fitness and nutrition plans.

Patterson lives out his passion as a certified personal trainer and health expert. His success is attributed to his genuine intentions to create personal relationships with all his clients to better serve their specific health needs. The personal trainer aspires to assist every individual in being their best self. “Every single person is different. No set exercise plan caters to the masses. Standardized fitness plans and diet fads are the reasons why people fall through the cracks and give up on their health,” said Patterson. He dedicates this mindset as the motivation behind his new research journey.

Supporting customization in all aspects of health, also finds inspiration to pursue his research from his new meal planning system he professionally offers to clients in Winnipeg. His nutrition coaching services are resulting in new client growth as well as current client positive feedback. “Seeing the effects customization has on all touching points of health leads me to think there is a fool-proof formula that wellness coaches can follow to maximize the amazing benefits that come from customizing ongoing nutrition and exercise plans,” said Patterson.

Patterson is familiar with the formula combining body scans, meal specific portions, minimum cardio, and majority weightlifting that bodybuilders are known to follow. He believes that there is a way to use that platform to find a formula that can apply to any fitness goal that produces a custom plan that sets people up for even greater success to reach their expectations.

After presenting his research intentions to several groups of investors as well as a few universities, Patterson was able to receive maximum funding from health-advocate private investors.

Patterson will utilize the next two years researching custom-resulting health formulas. His data and results will be published in the following months once his study is complete. Patterson is currently looking for interested candidates in Winnipeg to participate in his research on fitness formulas. Willing individuals can contact Patterson, below.

Name: Gabriel Patterson

Organization: Patterson Training

Address: 333 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Phone: +1 416-371-1768



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