Why Anime are So Beloved and Adored


The appeal of Japanese anime is universal and instinctual. Here are some of the top reasons most people love Anime.  

The appeal of Japanese anime is universal and instinctual. The large eyes, symmetrical features and daring clothing and hairstyles satisfy fans craving a break from reality. Here are some of the top reasons most people love Anime.

Saturated Colors That Provide Eye Candy

Many anime shows feature unique styles designed to grab the viewers attention. This often includes a vibrant color scheme. Being exposed to these colors often has a positive mental impact. Although some shows are dark in tone and content, the majority of them are happy hues that can elevate your mood.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are also Chinese and Korean anime-inspired shows — watching anime from different countries can teach you a lot about other cultures. For instance, you can’t help but pick up a bit of knowledge regarding Japanese culture while watching traditional anime. Watching the dubbed version helps you pick up words and phrases too. If you are in a rut, binging on anime may inspire you to try new things and to living more courageously.

An Imaginative Exercise

If you’re interested in anime — or an outright anime nerd — you probably have a healthy imagination to begin with. Many shows showcase crazy concepts such as alternate realities.

For example, one popular show features a light-hearted ninja who uses the essence of a giant fox demon to gain superhuman powers. This requires more than a stretch of the imagination. To really understand what’s going on, viewers must fully immerse themselves in the on-screen action. This can help fans develop an elastic imagination, which can lead to a more open-minded worldview and mental agility.

Explore Meaningful Concepts

Despite their far-fetched concepts and sometimes hardcore action, many shows reinforce positive traits, such as loyalty, friendship and sacrifice. Sometimes, a show explores several themes, including death, kinship and corruption. In this way, anime can underscore teachable moments for parents and teachers — using a vehicle kids can truly relate to.

Reinforces Values Such as Friendship

Friendship is a continuing theme in most anime series. The genre emphasizes the importance of helping friends and remaining true to a common cause. Kids of all ages can pick up valuable social lessons by watching how a team of friends collaborate to strike down an evil enemy or other opponent.

Using Anime to Teach Japanese

These animated characters have had such an impact on fans worldwide that at least one study suggests using them in Japanese language classes.



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