Ford Motor Co Recalls 313,000 Cars Due to Lighting Failures


Ford Motor Co (F) announced that it has recalled 313,000 cars due to lighting failures that were linked to 11 crashes. The carmaker also recalled 4,700 pickups, vans and midsized trucks for a variety of different issues.

Ford will recall 2003-2005 Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria models. The affected vehicles will have their lighting control modules replaced, as faulty solder joints may crack and cut power to the vehicle’s headlights.

Prior to 2011, the Ford Crown Victoria was commonly used as a police vehicle and for taxi services.

In August, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiated an investigation of over 500,000 Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford Crown Victoria vehicles after receiving over 3,000 complaints of lighting failures. Of those complaints, 15 were linked to crashes and one injury. A similar investigation was conducted in 2008, but a recall was not demanded as no reports found any links to auto accidents.

Under recall, 296,004 cars will be affected in the United States, 2096 in Mexico and 14,714 in Canada. The lighting control module can be replaced by local dealers.

Three other smaller recalls were also issued for 4,700 vehicles, including 177 2016 F-750 and F-760 trucks, due to rear air brake issues. The car maker will also recall 1,300 2015 Ford Transit models due to issues with the vehicle’s rear axle shafts.


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