Latest Trends for Office Apparel

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It’s not easy to create a work wardrobe that’s appropriate and that a person enjoys. Often, a person selects outfits that are a bit drab just to look professional. However, with the latest trends, an individual can look stylish, yet sophisticated.

Color Is Okay 

Far too often, people believe boring colors like gray, brown, and black are the only options they have to choose from to make an outfit. Nowadays, it’s fine to wear a brightly colored pantsuit or dresses to work. It’s also okay to wear tank tops underneath blazers for a bold, yet professional look. For the summer of 2019, the hottest colors are light blue, lilac, peach, and lavender. They’re laid-back colors, but they still have the potential to add pizzazz to an outfit.

Patterns Are In

A decade ago, it wasn’t okay to wear patterns to work unless they were dainty or common. Nowadays, someone can add one element of pattern to make a statement. If a person wants to keep up the latest trends, one may want to choose a checkered pattern. It doesn’t need to be in hues like green, burgundy, blue, or beige. Instead, an individual may opt for a bright checked pattern on a blouse underneath their suit. On the other hand, the person could opt for a checkered blazer and a tank top underneath. Another pattern that’s trendy for this season is animal prints. It’s advisable to only use these sparingly. They make more of a statement when a person wears a leopard print tie around her head or a zebra-print shirt when it’s intended to enhance an outfit.

Choosing a Dress

Women don’t have to wear a plain black dress to work. In fact, they can wear a white dress to work and place a jacket over top of it. While a person wants to choose something that’s conservative in terms of how much skin she shows, lace and other details are acceptable in the workplace. Anything that has thin straps is usually a bit too much for work, but thicker straps can be professional while giving a woman that hint of style she desires.

Hairstyles to Make an Outfit 

A woman may want to try a half bun with a decorative clip on the other side. Another option is a braid. Loose or tight braids are both work friendly. Ponytails are juvenile to wear to work, unless done right. A lady could try pulling up half of her hair in one, and then the lower portion tied in another ponytail underneath. A little curl added can turn a standard pony into something that makes her look youthful but still professional. A woman may also want to try a side ponytail brought to the side for a quick hairstyle.

Choosing the right outfit and look for work is important. While appearance isn’t everything, people do judge others based on their appearance.


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