J. M. Smucker: A Great Dividend Stock Set To Go Higher



J. M. Smucker is a well-rounded stock with the potential for both dividend growth and capital appreciation.

It’s above average value and momentum set it up for more gains in 2019.

Dividend investors looking for a solid food and beverage stock should consider initiating a position in the company.

Written by Sam Kovacs

PBJ! No, not a stock ticker, but my favorite snack. Served with a cup of coffee? Even better.

J. M. Smucker (SJM) produces all the products needed for my favorite snack. As we continue analyzing stocks in the food & beverage sector, I move onto SJM, which is currently trading at $123.11 and yields 2.76%. Based on my M.A.D Assessment, SJM has a Dividend Strength score of 78 and a Stock Strength score of 80.

This article will present and discuss the factors which show why I believe that dividend investors should invest in J. M. Smucker at current prices.

J. M. Smucker operates in the consumer foods industry. It deals with a range of products spanning food, beverage, and pet products under well-known brands such as Smuckers, Folgers, Crisco, Milk-Bone, and Kibbles n Bits.


As dividend investors, we are still concerned with total returns. Total returns are the sum of returns from dividends and from capital gains. This article will consider SJM’s potential for both. The first part will focus on the stock’s potential as a dividend-paying investment, the second will focus on the potential for capital appreciation.



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